Valid from: 25 May 2018, last updated 1 September 2019

The Companies forming Biuro group, as well as their partners are using cookies and similar technologies in their programs, websites, emails and internet publications.

Biuro Group is formed by these companies: UAB “Biuro Baltic”, UAB “Biuro”, UAB „Darbius“, UAB “Vorkis”, SIA “Biuro”, SIA „Biuro Latvia“, SIA „Starjobs“, OÜ „Biuro“.

1. What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer or mobile device when visiting a website. Due to cookies a website can “remember” for a certain period of time your actions and preferences (e.g. login, language, font size and other display options) so that you do not have to repeatedly enter them each time you visit the website.

It is important to note that this Cookies Policy will be applied not only for the use of cookies, but also for the use of similar technologies designed for information storage on end devices (e.g. computers, mobile phones, smartphones) of a subscriber or a factual user of electronic communications services (e.g. Local storage technology), for example on computers, mobile phones, smartphones. The term “cookies” in this Cookies Policy includes also similar technologies used in this website.

2. Why do we use cookies?

We are always searching for new ways to improve our website and offer better services. Therefore, we use various cookies described below in this Cookies Policy.

Use of functional cookies and provision of services (P1). Cookies are very important for the operation of the website and electronic services. Cookies ensure smooth user experience. For example, if the user wishes, he/she does not have to enter name, surname, password and other data for each of his/her connections.

Service development and quality assurance (P2). Monitoring the use of cookies we can improve the functioning of the website and the electronic services and eliminate errors when they occur. For example, we gather information about the most popular parts of the website, about which other websites are accessed from our website and about how much time you spend on our website. In addition, we gather information on errors / bugs (inaccuracies, mistakes in the program) and cases, where one or another function does not work to allow us to discover, repeat and remove interruptions.

Use analysis (P3). Cookies are used to obtain statistics about the number of users who visited the website, about the usage of electronic services as well as to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising. Information may be collected, for example, from job offers sent via email in order to establish, whether emails have been opened and whether they have prompted users to take any action (e. g. whether the user clicked on a link embedded in the email to our website).

Targeted Marketing Orientation (P4). Using cookies, allows us also to collect information in order to provide advertisements or content for a specific browser by creating different target groups.

Please note that cookies may also be used for purposes of their own choice by our partners and other third parties whom the controller of the website does not control. The controller of the website is not and will not be liable for the actions of such persons. You should contact the respective partner or other third party if you suspect that our partners or third parties whom the controller of the website does not control use cookies without your consent.

3. How do we inform about cookies used?

Accessing the website for the first time you will receive a notification with a reference to this Cookies Policy “Discover more” that will lead you to this Cookies Policy. If you click on the reference you will be provided with all the information on cookies installed and used on the website. In any case, you control the Cookies. You can at any time reject or delete (de-install) them.

4. How do you consent to the use of cookies?

By using the website and by clicking on the button "I AGREE" in the notification message you confirm that you agree and allow the website controller to install cookies on your end device (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.).

Please note that in case you do not press the button in the notification message mentioned and continue to browse the website, then only the cookies required for the proper functioning of the website will be installed on your end device (functional cookies are listed in the table below).

Note that by using the website you also consent and confirm that all data related to your activities in the website may be used also by third parties for the purposes listed in this Cookies Policy.

5. How to reject and (or) delete cookies?

You can control and/or delete cookies if you wish.

You can delete all cookies already stored on your computer and set most browsers to prevent cookies from being stored on your device. However, in this case, you may have to manually adjust some preferences every time you visit the website and some services and features may not work, also this may affect your use of the services available via the website. The actions to be perform depend on the type of the browser you use. The browser may be set separately for each device you use.

More details are available at or

6. What types of cookies are used?

Cookies may be “session cookies” that are used only while you are browsing the internet and that are automatically deleted after closing the browser. Other cookies used are “persistent cookies”, i. e.  such cookies are stored on your end device (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) until the cookie's lifespan expires or until you delete the cookie using one of the options described above in this Cookie Policy. "Third-party cookies" are those cookies used by a person other than the website controller. In addition, as mentioned above, other similar technologies, performing cookies’ functions are used on the website, for example Local storage technology.

All cookies used on the website and related information are shown in the table below.

7. Who is the controller of this website?

The controller of this website is UAB “Biuro Baltic”, legal entity code 302824226, address Gedimino av. 26, LT - 01104 Vilnius, Lithuania, phone +37052139476, email .

The controller of this website may provide information collected using cookies to any company of Biuro Group depending on the website you are accessing for the purposes listed above.

EN – Cookies table
Publisher Technology Name Data collected Lifespan Installation moment Purpose Websites Consent
Biuro Baltic Cookies _icl_current_language Language code Unlimited Upon selection P1 Not required
Biuro Baltic localStorage client-access-token Unique ID Stored till next login On login P1 Not required
Biuro Baltic localStorage client-is-manager User is admin or not Unlimited On login P1 Not required
Biuro Baltic Cookies cv Session ID Until submitting the form or clearing the form Enterering the first page P1 Not required
Biuro Baltic Cookies PHPSESSID Session ID Unlimited Enterering the first page P1;
Not required
Biuro Baltic Cookies region Region ID Until closing browser Upon selection P1 Not required
Biuro Baltic localStorage workisLanguage Language code Unlimited Upon selection P1 Not required
Biuro Baltic localStorage workisLocation Country code Unlimited Upon selection P1 Not required
Biuro Baltic localStorage biuro-agree User agreed with cookie policy Unlimited Upon confirmation P1;;;;;;;
Not required
Google Cookies   P2, P3;;;;;;;;
Google Cookies IDE   P4 Required
Facebook Cookies   P2, P3, P4, Required
Linkedin Cookies   P4 Required
Wordpress Cookies pll_language language code 9 months Entering the first page P1 Not required
Wordpress Cookies wp-settings-1 Unique ID 9 months Entering the first page P1 Not required
Wordpress Cookies wp-settings-time-1 Unique ID 9 months Entering the first page P1 Not required
Logrocket localStorage _lr_hb_-biuro-baltic/workis     P2 Required
Logrocket localStorage _lr_id_     P2 Required
Logrocket localStorage _lr_tabs_-biuro-baltic/workis     P2 Required
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